We hear it all the time from consumers and professionals: Natural or Propane Gas is their first choice. Realtors and builders report that up to 90 percent of homebuyers demand Natural and Propane Gas as their home fuel source - even first-time buyers. Homes with gas sell more quickly. Developers who install gas appliances have fewer callbacks for repairs. And people who already have gas are adding gas ranges, gas logs, gas lamps, and even outdoor kitchens centered around gas grills.

According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, homes with Natural or Propane Gas command a four percent price premium over total electric homes: Another reason to insist on homes with the Natural or Propane Gas advantage.

Check out the services we offer or make a selection below to learn the many different ways Gas can add comfort, convenience and enjoyment to your home life with the reliability and economy that you've come to expect from this energy source and from AEI Gas Services. 

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Your Home
Today's high-efficiency natural gas furnaces feature technology that boosts efficiency to save money and improve comfort. Gas water heaters deliver up to twice the hot water in the same amount of time as an electric water heater. A Natural/LP Gas dryer can dry two loads of towels in the same time as one load in an electric dryer.

Why Propane?
It's a question many folks have asked. And, a question that's been answered quite well. Millions worldwide are using propane to make their lives more comfortable. Propane burns cleaner, works harder, and operates smarter, choosing propane means you can help reduce greenhouse emissions, save energy, and protect the environment.

How To Choose An Installer.
If you've never had to do it, you've probably never thought about it. But choosing the right gas technician can actually prove to be a pretty big decision to make, especially if the job you need done is a big one. When you do have to pick a technician, you'll really want to think about hiring a qualified, full-time professional.